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Internet Marketing Can Provide An Easy Work From Home Business Opportunity

Internet Marketing Can Provide An Easy Work From Home Business Opportunity
Since use of the Internet exploded in the 1990s, Internet marketing has expanded to include all types of businesses as well as locations. It enables a local company to market their products and services to a national and international customer base at an exceptionally low cost. Replacing a sales force to contact customers, Internet marketing is used by virtually every company that conducts business online and can offer an easy work from home business opportunity.

There are different aspects of Internet marketing that a company can explore to find the right avenue for their product or service. In order to be successful working in internet marketing, a person has to understand each of these aspects and determine which one can be done successfully at home. To begin with, an Internet sales business has to have a website that is easy for their customers to use while remembering that not everyone they are trying to reach has a broadband connection. Internet marketing begins with the customer being able to access the website and having an elaborate design that takes several minutes to load into a user's computer through dial-up service may not hold their interest long enough to get the message. Similar to offline marketing, keeping it simple is the key to reach a wider audience.

Once the website has been properly developed, Internet marketing as a home based business can provide the business owner as well as the website owner some unique challenges. For many it is a decision of whether to market to search engines or to the potential customers. Marketing to search engines may help users find the website if they search for specific terms and marketing to the users will narrow down the number of people searching for a specific product or service. Some believe a smaller, more focused audience is better for business than a casting a wide net and hoping the customers are snagged.

Another of the key aspects of Internet marketing often overlooked by website owners is market research. Determining which search terms are used most often as they relate to the products or services being marketed can help them achieve better results regardless of the type of marketing being conducted. Building a home-based business conducting research for companies can be a lucrative, niche market in the Internet marketing business. And can be a great online business ideal.

Online companies are also looking for ways to increase their name awareness and pay people who can track down web log sites and offer information about their business. While many of these blog's have certain restrictions about what can be posted on their sites, wanting information more than unpaid advertising, a person who can respond to information on the blog in an intelligent manner and only use the website address in their signature, can pay huge dividends for internet marketing professionals. Looking for companies in need of internet marketing can prove a daunting task but trolling through blog's and article directories can often turn up the names of companies that are in constant need of these services and willing to pay for them.***

by Earl Williams

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First Step To Start An Internet Business

First Step To Start An Internet Business
Everyday many people are joining the Internet, some with the hope to make some extra money, while others with the hope to make a living online. Most of them are facing a common problem which is that they don't know how to get started. They don't have any idea about the first step they have to take.

The first step is changing your Mindset. Many people underestimate this factor and for this simple reason they are having a hard time. It is crucial to start your business with the right mindset. You have to know that it is a business and you have to treat it as such. In order to build and develop a successful business you have to work hard and dedicate time and effort... All the things you need offline you have to incorporate online.

It is important that you understand and believe two well-settled and fundamental laws.
1. All human achievement comes about through bodily activity.
2. All bodily activity is caused, controlled and directed by the mind.

Like all human affairs, success is partly a matter of predestination and partly of free will. You cannot make the genius, but you can improve or destroy it, and most people possess the assets which can be turned into success. You have to develop the power to assimilate knowledge and to use it. There are no magic formulas, there are lots of get rich programs out there and maybe you have joined some of them, have you achieved good results? I am sure the answer is NO.

Don't think that it is about having a webpage, posting a few ads and writing some articles. If you think you can make money online - money, not $3, in this way you are completely wrong. You have to improve your business everyday looking for new strategies, applying small changes and constantly testing. It means you have to work.

Money Without Work, Forget It! Of course, there are shortcuts, if you can afford a mentor, you accelerate the process because he/she will help you to avoid a lot of mistakes, but keep in mind that your mentor is not going to do the work for you. Another important thing is that you don't have to figure out everything yourself, you have to ask help when you need it to solve the problem quicker and better. Please, don't think that others can't do it better than you. You are not a One Man Band, there are things that you are not good at, therefore it will take you time and effort to learn to do these things.

It is better if you think about how you can get those things done and not how you can do all those things...You can delegate some work. You can delegate everything, but NEVER, I say NEVER delegate your marketing. In the beginning you have to work hard. Working daily, everything will begin to flow easier and it will help you to automate your business and work less.

Understand that you'll have to spend some money - registering a domain name, having a webhosting account, having an autoresponder account, etc. Don't think about using free services for these things, because you have to look professional, if you look like an amateur nobody will pay attention to you. Before you even think about making money, think about how you can help people. Help everybody you can asking nothing in return.

Don't be afraid to give away your most valuable strategies and techniques. Give away everything you can with the objective of helping others, it will build your reputation and credibility. Your value will be acknowledged and your market will realize that "You Are The Man." If you are not making any money it is because you are not helping enough people. People buy from those that they trust and believe in.

First, you have to give and then you reap the rewards. There is no doubt. Never under value your self-worth. We are born "free and equal", yet we are not all born equally rich. But you can be rich by the use of your faculties; by the union of thought with nature. If you really want to be successful, you have to set your mind upon it, and adopt the proper means. Your success depends on a plus condition of mind and body, on power of work and on courage.

Repeat: I Can I Will, I Can I Will, I Can I Will.
If you come online with the wrong perspective and attitude, you'll have a very hard time. You need the right approach to really make money online. You are not going to make 1 million dollars when you first get started - nobody has made it, it is a progressive process... Go ahead with baby steps with the goal to make that million in the near future. Your success is a direct result of what you do. It's not about luck, if you are not getting results, don't think that luck has been against you.

It is natural when you are getting started to hope, but if hope turns to a belief in luck, it becomes a poison to the mind. You can create your own destiny if you want. You need passion, education, knowledge, patience and persistence. Act as if you cannot fail. Belief is crucial! I mean, if you believe you can succeed.
Your Mindset is the mechanism that allows you to take full control of your life and business. ***

by PV Reymond

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Turn Your Online Business into a Cash Machine!

Turn your online business into a cash machine!
You can start your own online business in very simple ways. With the rise in the Internet there are plenty of opportunities for you to transform your online business into a revenue earning asset. If you already have an existing website then this is for you. Your online business may be doing fairly well but if you want to give it an extra edge and jumpstart its money making potential, then you need to follow certain precautions.

Search engine optimization Search engine optimization or SEO represents one of the best ways to divert traffic to your site. The way it works is that you utilize specific keywords on your web content as well as promotional sales copy - to attract more visitors into your site.

By using strategic keywords you can turn your online business into a traffic attracting magnet! What's more, if your website has more exact matches (keywords which exactly match user searches), your site stands much better chances at being listed among the top ten search engine results! Through this your online business can achieve much better page rankings and traffic volumes.

The importance of links It has been proven that search engines will typically index those sites which have the most number of one-way links. Thus, the more the link density on your website, the more chances of your online business being listed on search engines. In fact, more preference is given to one-way links as opposed to reciprocal or two-way links. You can greatly improve the presence of your online business by requesting for links from associated or relevant sites. By doing so, you can attract more targeted traffic that is already interested in your products.

This enables you to convert traffic into sales more easily as now you don't have to try too hard to convince customers. Establishing your authority If you want your online business to be known as an authority on the subject matter, you need to publish more articles about the domain. By repeatedly posting articles on blogging platforms and online forums, you greatly improve your credibility and reputation online. What's more, people will start perceiving your online business as a one stop solution for all topics related to the domain.

Turning the visitor into a customer Once you have established traffic attracting methods for your online business you need to convert these into sales. At the end of the day the success of your business depends purely on sales volumes. There are some tried and tested ways to improve sales conversion ratios. You need to have specific calls to action on your website. Things like 'add to shopping cart' or 'buy' can coax your visitor to purchase something on the site.

This will also lead to improved sales conversions for your online business. What's more, by using persuasive tactics and other sales gimmicks you can dramatically improve sales figures. ***

by Alan Lim

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Check Out the Numerous Jobs from Home and Start Earning Today

Check out the numerous jobs from home and start earning today
Stay in the comfort of your very own home and still earn loads of money. It's now possible with the loads of jobs from home to choose from! Decide your own work timings and make your options more flexible. If you are a stay at home mom or a person wanting to start a home based business, then there are plenty of jobs from home you can choose from. What's more, you can spend the same amount of quality time with family and have the riches flowing in!

Writing If you have always dreamt of being a novelist or a writer, then this can become one of the best jobs from home you can find. All you need is a couple of freelance writing sites where you can obtain many projects from clients all over the world. Simply bid on the projects and start writing! The reason why this is one of the best jobs from home is simply because of the flexibility it offers.

You can be sitting in the comfort of your own home and decide on your own work timings. Besides you can also choose on the pace of your work as well as the amount of work you wish to take on. Franchising Many people have woken up to the tremendous benefits of franchising. Franchising represents an innovative way to make money from the comfort of home. In fact it is one of the best jobs from home for new mothers. If you have to stay at home because of certain limitations but don't want to give up on the prospect of a career then franchising can be one of the best jobs from home. The way it works is that a company (franchisor) will pay you to promote their products and services.

They will also provide you with all tools and promotional materials as well as training. Thus you have access to all the infrastructure and support needed. This way it's a great method to start your own business - without the anxiety and hassle of publicity and advertising issues. Craft based businesses If you have had a secret hobby and always wanted to turn it into a full-fledged business, then you can do so now. By setting up your online store and selling the products you make, you can start on one of the best jobs from home. You could upload pictures of the products, along with brief descriptions of each.

EBay like stores If you don't have existing products to sell - don't worry. You can host a website which contains other seller's products. It's almost like an eBay site. In this way, you are tapping into a relatively new segment as far as jobs from home are concerned. You are making money off other people's sales - which can mean exponential money growth for you! You not only charge all sellers a fixed monthly fee, but also get a commission off every sale. This is one of the most lucrative jobs from home around today! ***

by Alan Lim

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Great Tips for Office Furniture

Great Tips for Office Furniture
If you are setting out to furnish and decorate an office then there are a few things that you might like to bear in mind. A lot of research has gone into office and workplace dynamics, so there is a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into for inspiration when furnishing and decorating your office. One thing that has been learned is that happy contented workers are more productive and are less inclined to be absent.

Do a few things to your office space to make it a more relaxing place to spend time in and where intelligent, creative people can function optimally. If there is a shortage of windows then consider hanging a big pre-framed print on the wall that features a big beautiful outdoor scene.

Don't spend a lot of money and buy it “preframed”, because having a print custom framed can be a bit expensive. It always helps to have good quality rollers on the chairs in your office, so you or your employees can scoot around while they are multi-tasking. Another thing to bear in mind with regards to the chairs, is to make sure that they are good quality chairs that are ergonomic, so people will be comfortable while spending long hours in them and won't develop aching backs.

A flat screen for your computer will be a bit more expensive but will save on space, so this is another decision that you are going to have to make. If you have plenty of room and are on a tight budget then go with a standard computer monitor but if your space is tight then you may want to go with a flat screen, so you can compact your computer station.
If clients are going to be visiting your office than try to make it a nice place for them to visit and relax in while they wait. ***

by Judith Wesson

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Great Tips on Discount Home Lighting

Great Tips on Discount Home Lighting
If the lighting fixtures in your home are outdated, or you are remodeling, or building then now is the time to take a good look at what is available on the market in discount lighing for your home or project. If you don't already know then you will find out soon enough that it is often dificult to use discount products or materials on your jobsite or remodeling project without the end results lookig cheap or being of inferior quality.

Lighting is one place in your home that you can save money, because there are so many great choices in lighting fixtures that carry low price tags and still look fantastic. It is important to remember that lighting fixtures have no moving parts unless they are fan fixtures and they are also up on the ceiling of a room, so they don't get the close scrutiny that other fixtures do in your home. with these facts in mind you can then shop around for discount lighting and know that what you choose will look great and last the entire life of your home.

When you are shopping for discount lighting you will most likely be faced with a wide variety of choices to select from, so it can be a bit confusing. One trick to use in home decorating is to narrow your selection down to four or five choices and then take pictures of them to look at for a few days and show to friends and loved ones. Making a quck and spontanious selection usualy leads to regrets, so never just pull a choice out of your hat at the first viewing.

Another thing to remember when you are selecting your discount lighting is that if it has colors in it that will effect the color of the lighting that it puts out then you will want to coordinate this with the other colors that you are going to use on your walls and floors. ***

by Judith Wesson

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Ingin Berwirausaha Dengan Modal Terbatas

Ingin Berwirausaha Dengan Modal Terbatas
Bapak Pengasuh Yth
Saya mempunya uang sebesar Rp 2.000.000. Uang itu saya bagi menjadi dua, untuk usaha dan sekolah. Saat ini saya bingung. Jika berwirausaha dulu, saya khawatir uang untuk sekolah digunakan lagi untuk menutupi biaya usaha karena saya tidak punya pengalaman jadi pengusaha atau pedagang. Tetapi jika saya sekolah dulu, saya khawatir tidak pernah jadi berwirausaha. Usia saya saat ini 21 tahun dan tamatan SLTP. Mohon penjelasan Pak?
, Tegal

Bapak Pengasuh Yth.,

Saya seorang karyawan dan ingin sekali mempunyai usaha sendiri. Hambatan terbesar bila saya membuka usaha adalah saya tidak tahu usaha apa yang harus saya jalankan. Saya ingin usaha dan mencari tempat yang strategis, modalnya pun masih terbilang kurang bila sekalian untuk sewa tempat. Jadi yang ingin saya tanyakan adalah usaha apa yang modalnya tidak terlalu besar?

Sari Murtini
Jatipadang, Jakarta

Saya sengaja menjawab dua surat yang datang secara bersamaan dari Mas Roni dan Ibu Sari, karena memiliki persamaan persoalan yang dihadapi. Yakni, bagaimana berwirausaha dengan dana yang terbatas. Kadang memang kita menjadi ragu untuk memulai bisnis, karena sedikitnya modal yang kita punyai. Tetapi hendaknya hal ini bukan jadi hambatan untuk terus maju. Banyak sekali contoh hidup yang ada di sekeliling kita, yang berhasil dalam bisnisnya karena mereka berani memulai bisnis dari yang kecil.

Kebimbangan Mas Roni memang sangat beralasan. Kedua-duanya, menurut saya, adalah pilihan yang bagus. Apakah keduanya dapat dilakukan secara bersamaan? Bisa saja, asal Anda pandai mengatur waktunya. Bila ini memang pilihannya, menurut saya melanjutkan sekolah adalah aktivitas yang utama. Tinggal kini menentukan jenis usahanya yang tidak sampai terlalu mengganggu sekolah tersebut. Ini juga berlaku untuk Ibu Sari yang juga masih bekerja.

Jadi, sekarang tentukan waktu yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk melakukan aktivitas bisnis. Pagi atau siang sepulang sekolah boleh jadi waktu yang tepat untuk Mas Roni. Sedangkan untuk Ibu Sari tentu jam setelah pekerjaan kantor selesai. Jenis bisnis apa yang dapat dilakukan pada rentang waktu itu? Bisnis yang bersifat memroduksi suatu barang tentu agak sulit dilakukan, karena membutuhkan waktu dan tenaga lebih dahulu sebelum dijual. Untuk Anda berdua yang bekerja dan bersekolah akan kesulitan nantinya.

Untuk itu pilihan bisnis yang bersifat jasa -- tidak membuat produk -- adalah pilihan yang menurut saya relatif lebih baik. Anda tidak perlu membuatnya, Anda tinggal menjual atau mendistribusikannya. Faktor penentu lain adalah apakah bisnis ini bisa berjalan dari rumah?

Faktor ini juga penting, karena Anda berdua tidak perlu menyewa tempat agar biaya dapat ditekan serendah mungkin. Apa saja bisnis itu? Ambillah contoh untuk menyebut beberapa bisnis, misalnya agen surat kabar dan majalah, menjual minuman ringan berikut menyewakan lemari pendinginnya. Atau menjadi pedagang perantara, seperti Anda mengambil roti dari pabriknya dan Anda titipkan ke kios-kios, Anda dapat mengambil keuntungan dari harganya. Anda bisa dapatkan dengan cara mengamati lingkungan Anda, peluang usaha bisa Anda tangkap dari sini.

Hal pertama yang mesti Anda lakukan dalam memilih usaha ini adalah siapa konsumen yang memakai jasa Anda, ada dimana, dan berapa banyak. Nah, jika Anda sudah memiliki beberapa pilihan usaha, buatlah daftarnya. Lalu bandingkan pilihan tersebut dengan faktor-faktor seperti konsumennya, waktu yang digunakan (karena Anda berdua bersekolah dan bekerja), jumlah modal yang diperlukan, jumlah keuntungan yang diperkirakan akan didapat, apakah bisa dimulai dari rumah. Anda bisa menentukan faktor-faktor lainnya sendiri.

Selanjutnya, jangan pernah menyerah dengan kondisi yang ada sekarang. Buka mata dan telinga agar kita dapat menangkap peluang bisnis sekecil apapun dan bahkan dengan modal terbatas. Untuk itu kita harus kreatif, karena ini menjadi salah satu karakter dari seorang entrepreneur.

Mas Roni dan Ibu Sari, semoga penjelasan ini bermanfaat. Saya tunggu kabar bisnis Anda! ***

source: artikel Republika
TITIAN consulting + learning
e-mail: probis2002@republika.co.id, faksimile: 021-7983623
( Ir Bramantoro Abdinagoro, MM)


Is The 5linx Business Opportunity Right For You?

5linx is a home based business company located in Rochester NY. The company has seen a significant growth in its almost 7 years in business. There is a lot of hype about the company’s compensation plan as well as its products and services. As a result 5linx is attracting a lot of home based business enthusiasts and network marketers.

However, many people are jumping on board without taking the time to make sure that 5linx is the right opportunity for them. And because the home based business industry has a very high failure rate, it is important to make sure that the company is right for you before you hop on board. The first part of the equation is you. Do you have a strong desire to work from home? Are you sure you want to have a home based business? The 5linx business opportunity requires that you put in your own time. You can set your own hours, but if you really want to know if it is right for you, go ahead and look at your schedule. Set aside your own hours now.

When you set your own hours to fit 5linx into your schedule, you may have to give up some of your other activities. If you’re someone who watches TV, you may have to give up some of your TV time. For stay at home moms or dads, consider working around your kids schedules. There is a financial commitment to get started as a 5linx representative. There are two starting positions. However to take full advantage of the compensation plan, the upfront cost is $499. There is also an ongoing monthly cost of $29.99 for your replicated website and virtual office provided by the company.

Compared to the cost of starting a traditional business, this cost is fairly low. But you need to determine if you can afford this investment. Bear in mind that you’ll need some capital for marketing. There are extremely effective free marketing methods, but in case you choose to use some paid ones, be sure to have a cushion.

Do you have a success system for 5linx? What’s your marketing plan? See, success depends on the amount of quality exposure you’re willing to give yourself and your business. Instead of jumping in without knowing how you’re going to grow your business, take the time to find out how you’re going to market your business. Many home based business sponsors teach you to make a list of friends and family, buy and cold call leads, pass out flyers, and all that. If you’re comfortable with these methods, then those sponsors are a dime a dozen.

However, if you’d like to incorporate cutting edge marketing solutions that will enable you to have prospects contacting you to join your business, then you need to look for the right sponsor. Mixing up your marketing is important and having someone who can show you how to market via the internet will benefit you.

Ultimately it all comes down to you. Once you’ve considered the above points, then decide if the 5linx business opportunity is right for you.

If 5linx is right for you, then choose a top sponsor now. ***

by Yvonne Chihak
Yvonne Chihak is the author of the Powerful CD "Explode Your Downline, Online! Ready, Set, Go! at http://www.ExplodeYourDownlineOnline.com

She is also an active network marketer with 5linx telecommunications. Contact Yvonne at http://www.SuccessYes.com and get your FREE copy of her eBook.


Businesses Watch For Network Marketing Opportunities

Just as businesses used to be on the look for creating a network among local businesses to improve relationships, the global market has changed the landscape, requiring businesses to look around the world for network marketing opportunities. While marketing to a global audience may not be in the best industries of every business, those that sell products online have found it vastly increases their customer base. They have also found it can help them achieve their sales goals and by creating an online network, it can also improve their opportunities.

Even the professional marketing companies of 10 or 15 years ago have had to learn a new aspect of internet marketing. It used to be fairly easy to design a marketing product representative of a business's expertise and send it out to companies that may have a use for their services or products.

If the marketing piece was interesting enough, even if it did not spark immediate sales, it stayed in the minds of the recipients and when they needed the service, the company would get the call. Back in the mid-20th century one of the most often used marketing techniques were small, desk top calendars with a company's name and logo. They were used by insurance companies, pharmacies and many other industries as a means of giving the public something they could use all year while keeping their name visible. One of the challenges companies face with internet marketing is the opportunity to provide something potential customers can use for an extended period and keep their name in the spotlight.

This is where web logs, electronic magazines and electronic newsletters began to make their appearance as well as free web content for new businesses. While sending marketing pieces to companies remains a popular option, reaching more customers is the goal.

Offering timely, usable information to industry-specific companies can be one method of getting the company's name in the light on a regular basis. While monthly newsletters are common, weekly newsletters that contain less information are becoming more popular with the recipients. Web logs, better known as blogs have begun to take on a marketing life of their own with companies paying people to visit certain blogs and write information beneficial to the company. There have also been individuals that began a blog about a specific subject and generate a large following with visits registering several thousands every day. When companies see this, if their product is related to the blog they may be induced to advertise on the site to let interested persons know about their services.

For example, a person who writes about sports in general or about a specific team and generates a lot of interest, companies selling sports equipment may benefit by advertising on the individual blog as its readers are obviously interested in sports. By focusing their marketing efforts to a target audience, they can realize a better return on their investment in their internet marketing budget. Some companies have even started their own blogs to offer information about their products to an interested internet public. ***

by Todd Ash
I am the owner of AdvertisingLtd.com and I write about many different Online Business Opportunities.To Start Your own Home Based Business please Visit http://www.AdvertisingLtd.com

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Antara Bisnis Les Privat atau Kuliah

Antara Bisnis Les Privat atau Kuliah
Bapak Pengasuh Yth,
Saat ini saya masih kuliah di salah satu universitas di Jakarta. Sambil kuliah, saya juga mencukupi kebutuhan bulanan saya dengan menjadi pengajar les privat di salah satu lembaga yang menyediakan jasa les privat untuk siswa SMP dan SMA. Hampir dua tahun saya menjalaninya sehingga, menurut saya, saya cukup paham dengan seluk-beluk usaha ini. Dalam pikiran saya, kenapa saya tidak membuka saja usaha serupa secara mandiri. Tetapi saya juga memikirkan kelangsungan kuliah saya yang tinggal tiga semester lagi. Enaknya bagaimana ya, Pak? Mohon masukannya. Terima kasih. Astrid Dewayanti Jakarta Selatan

Mbak Astrid yang sedang berjuang,
Menjadi pengajar les privat memang salah satu cara mahasiswa, terutama mahasiswa asal daerah yang kuliah di Jakarta, untuk tetap bisa 'bertahan hidup' di perantauan. Jangan menyerah dan tetap semangat ya, saya juga pernah mengalaminya.

Ada dua hal yang, menurut saya, menjadi pertimbangan buat Anda. Pertama, kuliah Anda. Kedua, peluang bisnis di bidang les privat. Untuk yang pertama, kuliah, tidak bisa ditawar. Mbak Astrid harus menjadikannya prioritas utama. Apa pun yang terjadi kuliah harus nomor satu. Bukankah tujuan Anda ke Jakarta untuk menyelesaikan kuliah? Apalagi tinggal tiga semester lagi. Itu tidak akan lama. Jadi, tetaplah kuliah.

Yang kedua, mengenai usaha les privat. Oke juga untuk dipertimbangkan. Apalagi Anda sudah 'cukup' memiliki pengalaman di usaha tersebut. Mari kita kupas peluang usaha ini. Untuk membuka usaha ini sebetulnya relatif mudah. Yang utama adalah bagaimana Anda mendapatkan murid les privat, dan bagaimana Anda menyediakan pengajarnya. Tentu bukan Anda sendiri yang mengajar, bukan? Berikutnya, adalah bagaimana calon murid dapat menghubungi Anda untuk permintaan les.

Saya pikir untuk mendapatkan pengajar les privat, Anda bisa dengan mudah mencarinya. Umumnya orang tua akan senang jika anaknya diajar oleh seorang mahasiswa. Kenapa? Daya tarik utamanya adalah mahasiswa bisa memberikan motivasi bagi si murid agar kelak bisa juga menjadi 'mahasiswa', seperti Anda. Saya yakin, Anda memiliki sejumlah teman yang kurang lebih sama posisinya dengan Anda. Ajak saja mereka, jika masih kurang, Anda bisa menempelkan sejumlah selebaran di kampus untuk bergabung dengan Anda.

Apalagi yang penting di sini? Sudah pasti alat komunikasi. Jika mungkin sediakan dua jalur komunikasi, satu untuk berhubungan dengan calon murid dan murid, satu lagi dengan para pengajar. Toh, sekarang alat komunikasi sudah murah. Ambil yang jenis CDMA, sehingga calon murid atau murid tetap merasa bukan menghubungi HP yang tetap dianggap 'lebih mahal' biayanya.

Berikutnya adalah bagaimana mencari murid. Dengan pengalaman Anda, saya pikir lebih mudah untuk Anda mencari murid. Bisa lewat jaringan murid-murid Anda sekarang atau eks murid yang dulu. Selain itu, boleh juga Anda sedikit beriklan bisa lewat surat kabar, selebaran, atau bentuk-bentuk lainnya.

Satu hal lagi yang Anda persiapkan adalah perlengkapan administrasi yang rapi. Siapkan form-form isian calon murid, daftar pengajar, sistem absensi, dan sistem pembayarannya. Untuk memudahkan, ikuti saja model/sistem yang selama ini Anda pakai. Kecuali, jika yang sekarang Anda merasa kurang puas, maka Anda hendaknya memperbaikinya. Kenapa? Kalau Anda tidak puas, pasti pengajar yang lain juga akan merasa seperti Anda, Mereka bisa saja pergi sehingga Anda kehilangan pengajar.

Pertanyaan sekarang adalah apakah Mbak Astrid sanggup menjalani usaha ini sendiri? Padahal Anda juga punya kewajiban utama yaitu kuliah. Pertimbangkan untuk mengajak satu orang teman lagi untuk bergabung, setidaknya Anda bisa membagi waktu dengan teman Anda. Ketika Anda kuliah, teman Anda bisa menggantikannya untuk 'jaga warung'. Selain itu, dengan mengajak teman setidaknya kebutuhan modal untuk memulai bisa lebih rendah karena dibagi dua. Bagaimana dengan pembagian keuntungan? Ya, dengan sistem bagi hasil saja. Mudah dan adil. Kata kuncinya adalah kepercayaan dan pencatatan setiap pendapatan dan pengeluaran dengan tertib.

Mudah-mudah masukan saya ini dapat memberikan penjelasan buat Anda. Semoga usaha jasa les privat Anda segera terwujud. Tetapi yang lebih penting dari itu, kuliah Anda pun dapat diselesaikan tepat waktu. Selamat bekerja, berjuang dan belajar. ***

source: artikel Republika
Ir Sri Bramantoro Abdinagoro, MM, konsultan manajemen dan kewirausahaan


Motivating Your Downline for Maximum Profits

Two of the most common issues in network marketing are 'retention' and 'motivation'. In other words, once you've built a good downline, how do you keep them motivated to stay in and work the program? The last thing you want is an unmotivated, lazy downline. Success in any MLM is built on interdependent relationships. You depend on your downline's performance, as it is directly tied to your profits.

Likewise, your downline depends on YOU to teach them how to duplicate your success. This is key. Your dowline wants the big bucks as much as you do; but, they will quickly despair of achieving this goal if they don't see a clear path towards it. So, in large part, motivation rests on training your downline. This means giving them real skills that will lead to measurable results.

What type of skills do they need?

This depends on their experience level. One of the first things you should do is survey your downline to find out what they're up against. Some of them may be totally new to multi-level-marketing. In response, you need to give them an easy-to-follow marketing system. This should be a step-by-step system that covers lead generation, follow-up and conversion. Those are the three most important elements in marketing any MLM.

Next, you must show them how to execute that system effectively. This is critical to helping them duplicate your results.

After this training, a good portion of your downline should be getting good results, and very happy to be in the program. BUT, you can't let them rest on their laurels. Don't let them settle for 100 sales per month when they could easily make 200 sales per month. Some people just aren't very competitive, but you can combat this tendency to settle by appealing to their ego. Capitalize on that desire for reward and recognition.

If you've established e-mail communication with your downline, you can offer up a little 'public praise' by featuring downline member's success stories in a monthly newsletter. You might even want to find a way to reward them materially. For example, you could purchase a tool that will help them in their business - a course on copy writing, for example - and give it away free to the 'most improved' downline member.

The possibilities are really limitless.

Ultimately, keeping your dowline motivated means treating them as respected members of your team. Let them know that you care about their success as much your own, and show it by helping them in any way you can.

Multi-Level-Marketing: How to Success Tips You Can Use Right Away

Every newcomer to multi-level-marketing has a laundry list of questions:

1) What is the best MLM opportunity?
2) How do I know if an MLM is legitimate?
3) What is the fastest, most effective way to build a large downline?

The answers to these questions and more can be found by looking at traditional Internet-marketing models, such as 'affiliate marketing.'.

In fact, multi-level-marketing and affiliate marketing are nearly twins. Both business models rely on the concept of paying independent referrers a commission for each sale they generate. The only real difference between the two is that an MLM program's commission structure usually extends far beyond first and second-tier referrals.

The truth is you can evaluate any MLM program by asking the same questions you ask when evaluating an affiliate program. The following list of questions are actually your secret 'key' to unlock the door. The information you need is in your answers.

How to Success Tips for Multi-Level-Marketing:

1. Does this MLM target a profitable niche?
If not, beware! The first step to success is always in finding products that people want and need to buy. Find a company that is filling the demands of a truly rabid marketplace with lots of disposable income.

2. Is the pay out good enough?
Affiliate marketers look for generous commissions, and you should do the same. Make sure the program you want to join pays out enough on each level to make building a downline worth your time.

3. Does the company provide support to its representatives?
You want a program that makes your job easy. Look for programs that give you plenty of tools to help you promote the products, as well as the business opportunity.

4. Can I set up a lead generation system on the Internet?
There is no better way to generate leads to your program. Make sure you can market the program from your own web site, where you collect and follow up with leads yourself.

5. Can I automate the program?
Time is money. The more of both you're able to leverage the better. One of the surest ways to do so is by automating your business. Your customers should be able to order products through you with relative ease; and, the process of signing up new downline members should be seamless and hands-free.

Last, but not least, keep an eye out for ways to multiply and grow your profits over the long term. You can do this easily if you have your own targeted list of leads because you'll be able to promote new programs to existing customers. You'll also be able to "re-recruit" members of your existing program into your downline in the new program!

Email Marketing: Your Secret Weapon for MLM Success!

Did you know that e-mail marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to profiting from any MLM program? Its easier to get started than you think, and will allow you to place the majority of your sales and network-building efforts on autopilot.

E-mail marketing allows you to:

Educate potential customers about your products
Educate potential downline members about the MLM opportunity, commission structure and profit potential
Build trust and credibility, with improved conversions over time. You aren't limited to a 15 minute sales pitch.
Expand your business. New products and opportunities can be introduced to your existing list.
Put almost everything on autopilot. Today's mailing list management software lets you schedule pre-written messages to go out when you want, in whatever order you want.

Are you beginning to see some of the power here? E-mail marketing is still the most trusted and effective means of communication available to on-line businesses. And it still trumps the latest tactics like audio and video...why?

Remember that not everyone has the computing capacity or the bandwidth to watch elaborate multi-media presentations, but virtually all of the people you want to reach have basic e-mail. If you aren't yet using e-mail for your multi-level marketing program, here's how you can get started right away:

First, get an autoresponder for managing your e-mail list.. There are plenty of good ones out there. Some of them come as software with a 'one-time' license fee. You install the software onto your own web server. If you want someone else to do the dirty work, you can sign up with a third-party autoresponder service. These companies host autoresponder software on their own servers. Some companies offer free services, but most will charge you a monthly subscription fee for an account.

Second step: Create an "autoresponder series" for promoting your MLM. This is just a series of brief e-mails describing the products and the opportunity, with a focus on 'soft-selling' the prospect. Create messages that are educational, informational and of high-quality. Each message should build on the other and move the prospect a little closer to taking the desired action. There's no limit on how many messages can go in a series.

You'll load these messages into your autoresponder., and schedule them to go out as you see fit. You can send one message per day, or put several days wait between each message. Its all up to you. Finally, go into your autoresponder and have it generate the code for your opt-in form. You'll cut and paste this code into your web page, and it will create a 'subscription box' where visitors can submit their names and e-mail addresses to sign up for your list.

Make sure you give them plenty of incentive to opt-in. You'll usually want to create a dedicated web page, called a "landing page", designed to do just one thing: get your visitors to join your list! Once you have everything automated in this way, you can spend more of your time focused on driving traffic to your lead capture system and building your list.

After that? Just sit back, relax and watch as e-mail marketing works its magic. You'll never promote any other multi-level program without it! ***

by Daniel Ngai
Daniel Ngai has been involved in internet marketing for 2 years and understands what it takes to profit in any MLM on complete auto-pilot. He invites you to download a FREE report at http://www.ProfitFromAnyMLM.com to learn the real secrets and success to profit from any MLM program you joined. He is also a domain investor which owns a few domain names and you can find it here.

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Ingin Buka Usaha Setelah Kena PHK

Ingin Buka Usaha Setelah Kena PHK
Assalamu'alaikum wr wb Pak Gozali, Perkenalkan nama saya Drajat, usia 27 tahun. Saya baru saja kena pemutusan hubungan kerja (PHK) dari sebuah perusahaan swasta ekspedisi di Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara. Sekarang saya ingin mencoba membuka usaha sendiri dengan modal yang ada (Rp 50 juta) tetapi saya masih bingung jenis usaha apa yang cocok. Sebagai gambaran, saya sangat menyukai jenis perdagangan walaupun dalam skala kecil. Ada banyak rencana untuk berdagang seperti membuka toko pakaian dalam wanita, peralatan bayi dan ibunya. Semua itu karena saya kenal dengan distributornya. Tetapi masalahnya, di mana saya harus membuka toko? Sempat juga ada ide ingin buka rental playstation. Terus terang, sekarang ini saya bingung langkah pertama apa yang harus saya lakukan untuk memulai. Saya harap Pak Gozali dapat memberi solusi. Mungkin Pak Gozali punya kenalan distributor yang bisa diajak kerjasama. Demikian email saya sebelumnya saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih. Jakarta Utara

Waalaikumussalam wr wb
Mas Drajat,
Saya turut prihatin akan musibah PHK yang menimpa Anda. Saran saya, jadikan PHK sebagai langkah memulai awal karier yang baru yaitu memiliki usaha sendiri. Banyak orang yang lebih berhasil setelah di-PHK karena ulet dalam menjalankan usaha, waktu tidak terikat sehingga kesempatan mengembangkan diri lebih optimal, dan tentu saja lebih cepat meraih kebebasan finansial.

Bagi yang baru memulai usaha memang ada kendala yaitu kebingungan memilih jenis usaha yang cocok. Untuk itu ada beberapa faktor kunci yang perlu diperhatikan dalam memilih usaha :
Pertama, kenalilah pribadi Anda dalam kaitannya dengan usaha. Anda bisa memulai dari hobi atau hal yang disukai. Misalnya, bila Anda hobi berkebun, Anda dapat berusaha di bidang pertanian. Bila Anda suka main musik, bisa usaha bidang karaoke atau menyewakan peralatan musik, dan lain-lain.

Kecintaan pada bidang usaha akan membuat kita nyaman menjalankannya, meskipun belum menghasilkan keuntungan. Kemudian Anda juga bisa menjalankan usaha yang dikuasai artinya usaha tersebut dikenali seluk-beluknya dan Anda punya pengalaman di bidangnya.

Mungkin dari pengalaman kerja selama ini bisa dijadikan peluang usaha. Biasanya, usaha yang berangkat dari pengalaman, memiliki risiko kegagalan kecil karena sudah paham dan menguasai. Setelah itu, barulah perkirakan kemampuan Anda saat ini untuk menjalankan usaha tersebut. Kemampuan ini meliputi aspek modal usaha, aspek teknis dan keahlian, pengelolaan keuangan, bagaimana strategi pasarnya, dan lain-lain.

Kalau Anda menyukai jenis usaha perdagangan, maka Anda bisa memulai dari situ. Usaha dagang dan memproduksi barang memerlukan modal lebih tinggi dibandingkan usaha jasa. Dengan modal Rp 50 juta, banyak barang dagangan yang bisa dibeli.

Saran saya, carilah peluang pasar dulu baru kemudian mencari produk yang dijual. Untuk mencari peluang pasar, Anda bisa cari di tabloid atau majalah bisnis, internet, komunitas bisnis atau instansi pemerintah (Deperindag). Kalau memang dana mencukupi, Anda bisa menyewa toko tetapi Anda bisa juga menyimpan produk di rumah Anda dan mempromosikannya dengan brosur, iklan di media massa atau internet. Saat ini juga banyak usaha yang dijalankan secara online.

Kemudian untuk mendapatkan distributor, Anda bisa mencari di internet, tabloid atau majalah bisnis, yang banyak menawarkan keagenan produk tertentu. Demikian, semoga bermanfaat. Jangan segan untuk menghubungi kami kembali bila masih ada permasalahan yang perlu dipecahkan.***

source: artikel Republika


Day Job Killer

This program as unique as they say claim to be able to show you a step by step guide to wealth with little to show you before you devote your hard earned dollars. They as others claim to know the 3 main reasons why 99% of affiliates fail and tricks that the mere 1 % of affiliates use to be successful. If all of these people truly knew these things there would be many more millionaires in this world.

The truth is they use these schemes to sell you their product and in turn get rich off your wanting to know. They give you a free course called “X its about to get ugly” to lure you into purchasing their product. The question is does anyone truly get rich off the product other then the one selling it? They also give you tips on generating multiple streams of income as well as giving you Advanced Adwords Techniques.

Does this product actually work “yes” to some degree? Does this product work for everyone? Probably not but they will pedal it to you as if it does to get you to purchase it. The more people believe it the more money rings up on their accounts. So will it help you that my folk’s is up to you?

The information is there and often time it is good but you must make the dire effort to make it work. We all enjoy a good get rich quick scheme because quite honestly who really wants to work for a living. Though if you purchase it make sure that your eyes are open to what is going on and exactly what you are getting yourself into. That could mean the difference between being broke and making the Real Bucks!

by Jai

Make Money from eBay Misspellings

It's amazing how many eBay Misspellings you'll find on eBay that have been incorrectly spelt, for example 'playstation is often 'plastation', 'playstatoin'. You can profit from these mistakes as when someone tries to search for an item using the correct spelling the misspellings do not show in the search results. You'll find that the misspelling auctions usually have fewer bids on, as potential buyers cannot find them. If you can find these misspellings then you can purchase them at a low price, and relist for a profit by using the correct spelling so that they will show in the search results.

You have two options in finding these misspellings, the first is to physically search eBay which is time consuming and a total nightmare or the second is to use a website that can find these gems.
You will find one such misspellings finder at Auction Typos just enter the correct spelling at this address like 'playstation' (without the quotes) and then select the eBay site you would like to search and the site will return auctions for playstation that have been misspelt. It's as easy as that.

by Mark James

The Super Affiliate Handbook

This handbook is the beginners guide to making money. This handbook gives detailed information on how to work from home without the hassles that most people go through. It gives the basic step by step training on how to set up your affiliate page and promote. Promote…promote! This guide is a life saver to those of you that don’t want to suffer through trial and error for month’s even years on your own. Affiliate marketing can give you many perks that promoting your own product does not. For instance overhead: no employees no customer service, and no shipping for starters!

This guide just helps you yield profit! It teaches you how to pick the best affiliate markets. Gives info on promoting well known products like Sony and Dell! Talks about what is different with Super Affiliate Handbook then the other guys! Those of you who want money but don’t want all the headaches this book is worth your read. Finding profitable products are difficult in today’s markets.

Finding new products are like looking for a needle in a haystack. However finding affiliate programs are plentiful. Though you must know which ones will give a good return! That is the key to success. This Software will show you which products can yield the highest amount of profit. Teach you setting up your pages to draw in the wonderfully large crowd and find all of the shoppers that need Christmas gifts!

This guide will share with you things others are afraid too! Giving you only positive advice and helpful hints but you don’t have to take my word for it, they will show you the proof. Yes they will show you a glimpse at a check that could be you’re too. Proof that there really are oodles of money out there just waiting for you to grab it! So what are you waiting for? ***

by Rosalind Gardner

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Menjadi Bos dari Perusahaan Sendiri

Menjadi Bos dari Perusahaan Sendiri
Seorang wiraswasta harus sanggup menggadaikan mobil, rumah, atau mas kawin demi menyelamatkan bisnisnya. Be the boss of your own. Menjadi bos dari sebuah perusahaan sendiri memang menjadi dambaan banyak orang yang ingin mandiri. Selain memperoleh penghasilan yang tidak dibatasi, seseorang juga tidak punya atasan atau bos lagi yang setiap saat memerintahnya atau memarahinya sesuka hati. Bahkan, bila bisnisnya sudah berjalan, maka pekerjaan itu dapat ditinggalkan sampai beberapa waktu lamanya.

Suatu hal yang tidak mungkin dilakukan bila masih bekerja sebagai karyawan di suatu perusahaan. Ia juga bebas mengatur waktunya kapan harus mengambil cuti, dan menggaji dirinya secara layak sesuai dengan kemampuan bisnisnya. ''Untuk yang satu ini harus konsisten. Soalnya kalau tidak, akan berbahaya,'' kata Eileen Rachman, direktur Experd dalam diskusi yang diselenggarakan Radio Female di Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, beberapa waktu silam. Untuk menjadi mandiri melalui usaha sendiri seseorang harus melalui tahapan yang berliku dan tidak mudah. Banyak rintangan yang harus dihadapi, baik bersifat mental, materi, fisik, dan lainnya.

"Pokoknya harus ngotot. Keluar-masuk toko, hubungi teman. Begitu terus,'' kata Eileen. Menurutnya, ada untung ruginya yang harus diperhitungkan menekuni bisnis secara mandiri atau menjadi tenaga profesional. Kalau menjadi karyawan atau tenaga profesional, segala suatunya sudah tersedia, kehidupan mapan, dan dapat menikmati hari libur dengan tenang. Sedangkan berwirausaha tidak ada hari libur karena bila libur berarti peluang meraih rezeki hilang. ''Kalau ke luar rumah kita selalu pasang mata, mencari peluang.''

Seorang wiraswasta juga harus memiliki jaringan guna memasarkan produknya dan punya produk yang memiliki daya saing baik. Bila perlu, pengusaha ini juga harus sanggup menggadaikan mobil, rumah, atau mas kawin demi menyelamatkan bisnisnya. ''Banyak orang berhasil kalau mau bekerja keras hampir 24 jam sehari. Pokoknya lebih keras daripada pegawai,'' kata Eileen. Meraih sukses dapat dilakukan dengan beberapa cara. Antara lain, belajar dari pengalaman orang lain yang sukses. Usaha harus dilakukan dengan sabar dan intensif.

Lokasi usaha sebaiknya cukup menyewa, atau bagi hasil, jangan membeli karena keuntungan yang diperoleh belum tentu seperti yang diharapkan. Penguasaan teknis, bahan baku yang baik, dan pemasaran produk juga harus diperhatikan. Demikian juga dengan tenaga kerja yang memadai agar usaha bisa berjalan lancar. ''Pokoknya kita harus membuat peta persaingan dengan usaha serupa lainnya,'' kata Miranty Abidin, praktisi kehumasan. Jenis usaha harus dipahami karena umumnya setiap orang ingin usahanya bisa berkembang, atau setidaknya bertahan dan menjadi tumpuan hidupnya.

Demikian juga dengan prospek usahanya. Karena, ini berkaitan dengan potensi pasar sekarang dan mendatang. Miranty juga mengingatkan, sebelum memulai usaha sebaiknya kenali diri dahulu. Seperti kemampuan, bakat, minat, kepribadian, dan lainnya. Saat ini, katanya, banyak peluang usaha bisa ditekuni di sekitar rumah atau lingkungan kita. Namun, sering kali kita tidak sadar kalau hal itu bisa menjadi peluang usaha. Apalagi bila usaha itu bisa menyerap tenaga kerja dalam jumlah banyak sehingga bisa bermanfaat bagi orang lain.

Menurutnya, keberadaan usaha kecil dan menengah dapat menjadi penutup kesenjangan antara masyarakat kelas atas dan bawah. Sebab, sektor ini banyak menyerap tenaga kerja yang cukup besar. ''Jangan sampai menjadi kuli di negara sendiri, karena itu harus mandiri dengan menjadi pengusaha.'' ***

source: artikel Republika


Finding Balance In My Life After Starting Home-Based Business

I am really trying hard to keep balance in my life with my new home-based internet marketing business. It has been hard, because I am also teaching piano full-time from my home! Having over 60 students(half-hoursessions), it becomes hard to fit in everything that I need to do in a 24 hour period.I am finding myself driven to work in my online business for several hours a day when I am not teaching.

It seems as though posting on Craigs List is MUCH more important than doing the wash, vacuuming, or taking my dog Bella out for a long walk. Having a successful online business takes work,drive,desire,motivation, and most of all, it takes time. I do think, however, that if our lives go out of balance because of the all-consuming home-based business, that we will run into problems. It has been a month now since starting my online business and my life is still out of balance.

I have not been excercising, my eating is poor, and things that are normally a priority for me have been put on the back burner. I decided this evening that I will find a return to balance in my life starting tomorrow. I will do it slowly, because trying to return to balance too fast will put me out of balance again!

The Secrets Of Becoming A Millionaire

This product provides trade secrets to increase your income level quickly. How many people aren’t looking for this? After all that is what each businesses ultimate goal is to make money. However is this product a phony or is it a full proof way of increasing your income. Stop for a minute and analyze the facts.

This program was created by Vince Jones Even at the mere age of 28 he knew not to share his big secrets. After a few years he wrote a book that explained everything, all the juice and only sold it for a limited time (now out of print). Alas the Program “12 Month Internet Millionaire” was born! This program gives you a sure fire way to get instant cash to become rich beyond you wildest dreams.

This program teaches you to sell almost anything online and off! Russell Brunson has taken his call sessions and turned them in to sure fire program to assist anyone to sell what ever their heart desires. In a way they can make a huge profit.

Now you do not have to believe this is life changing nor do you have to purchase it. However think about this “if a millionaire was sitting next to you and offered to tell you how he made his money would you listen to him?”

My One Month Aniversary In My Home-Based Internet Marketing Business

I am writing this article today because I am at my one month anniversary for my home-based business!! I am excited about this day because I know that I have learned and have accomplished so much!! I have also become a really excellent typer! Having a home-based business is a really fun because you really never know what the day is going to bring!! After my one month I have met soo many nice people and I am a member of a lot of different forums.

I have been learning soo much about advertising as well as what types of affiliate programs are worth joining or not. I think one of the things that I do regret, is that I did join a few too many programs at one time. In a sense, I am picking berries from a lot of different baskets. I never decided to have a home-based business to get rich quick. I was told that this would not happen, and that most home-based businesses fail.

I do not want to believe that statistic at all because I believe that many people give up.. do not fail when they do not see immediate results! I will not give up and I will not fail. I love this business and will support anyone who wants to join me in one of the most exciting professions in the world! ***

by Michelle Tukachinsky

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Ciptakan Peluang Usaha

Ciptakan Peluang Usaha

Bila survei terhadap penduduk dilaksanakan sekarang ini, bisa dipastikan jumlah pengangguran dan sekaligus kemiskinan meningkat tajam. Penyebabnya, selain sektor riil yang masih bergerak lambat, juga berbagai musibah yang terjadi akhir-akhir ini. Musibah berskala besar yang ikut meluluhlantakkan dunia usaha.

Ada beberapa musibah yang nyata-nyata mengganggu roda perekonomian kita. Antara lain musibah tsunami di Aceh serta gempa bumi dahsyat di Yogyakarta dan Jawa Tengah. Lalu luapan lumpur Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur dan banjir bandang di Jakarta. Dua musibah yang terakhir ini bahkan hingga kini masih terasa akibatnya secara langsung bagi kehidupan rakyat.

Terlepas dari kontroversi apakah penyebab luapan lumpur Sidoarjo adalah kesalahan manusia atau memang musibah alam dan apakah luapan lumpur itu hanya dianggap musibah lokal atau sudah berskalah nasional, yang jelas apa yang terjadi di Sidoarjo itu sudah mengganggu perekonomian nasional. Minimal dunia usaha di Jawa Timur. Perekonomian ribuan warga yang terkena luapan lumpur telah lumpuh. Mereka menganggur dan menjadi bertambah miskin. Ini masih ditambah dengan hancurnya infrastruktur yang mengganggu transportasi angkut barang dan orang.

Kita belum tahu berapa besar kerugian ekonomi nasional yang diakibatkan oleh luapan lumpur ini. Data yang ada baru menyangkut jumlah ganti untung rumah dan tanah warga yang terkena musibah luapan lumpur yang sekitar 4 triliun. Ini belum termasuk kerugian ekonomi warga lantaran kehilangan pekerjaan.

Di Jakarta dan sekitarnya, akibat banjir bandang juga masih terasa hingga kini. Selain sampah-sampah yang berserakan dan sebagian infrastruktur yang rusak, banjir juga telah mengganggu perekonomian ribuan warga. Banyak dari mereka yang kehilangan modal usaha dan pekerjaan. Sejumlah industri dan tempat usaha lain sampai sekarang belum bisa beroperasi.

Dalam kondisi seperti itu, hal utama yang harus dilakukan pemerintah adalah segera memulihkan kehidupan perekonomian rakyat. Caranya, antara lain, selain memperbaiki infrastruktur adalah bagaimana menciptakan iklim yang sehat bagi dunia usaha dan wira swasta. Birokrasi yang panjang harus segera dipangkas. Paket-paket kemudahan dan insentif bagi pengusaha harus segera dibuat. Dalam hal ini termasuk memberi kemudahan bertransaksi dengan perbankan.

Dalam jangka pendek, proyek-proyek pemerintah yang bisa menampung banyak tenaga kerja memang diperlukan. Namun, hal ini sifatnya hanya sementara dan tidak menggambarkan realitas sesungguhnya pemulihan ekonomi rakyat.

Karena itu yang diperlukan bukan hanya bagaimana pemerintah memberikan peluang kerja. Yang lebih penting lagi adalah bagaimana mereka menciptakan peluang usaha. Biarlah para pengusaha yang nantinya membuka peluang kerja. Sebab, tanpa peran para pengusaha, perekonomian nasional tidak akan bisa berputar.

Di banyak negara maju, peran para pengusaha sangat sentral. Mereka dianggap berperan penting dalam memajukan dan menyejahterakan rakyat. Bahkan di Thailand, para pejabat negara/pemerintah, seperti duta besar dan stafnya juga merangkap sebagai 'sales'. Mereka ikut memasarkan produk yang dihasilkan oleh para pengusaha dalam negeri.

Sekali lagi, kalau kita ingin segera memulihkan ekonomi nasional, pemerintah harus segera menciptakan iklim usaha yang sehat. Tanpa itu semua, kita khawatir apa yang disampaikan Menko Bidang Perekonomian Prof Boediono akan terjadi di negeri ini. Bahwa kita akan terus terpuruk pada zona risiko tinggi untuk keberhasilan demokrasi. Penyebabnya, penghasilan per kapita Indonesia masih rendah, sekitar 4.000 dolar AS, yang menurut Boediono sangat rawan terhadap kegagalan demokrasi. Itu artinya kita akan terus terpuruk dalam krisis berkepanjangan. ***

source: artikel Republika


I Absolutely Love To Work For Myself!!

I absolutely love working for myself ! It is lonely at times, and it takes discipline, however what could be better! I drink coffee when I want, eat when I want, throw in a load of laundry when I want, take the dog out, make a call, surf the net.. all when I want! The greatest part of working for yourself is not having anyone looking over your shoulder. I have had the craziest, zaniest, unstable bosses in my work history. It had been so bad at one time that I actually thought that I was going totally one hundred percent crazy!

It was not a great time in my life to say the least! Right now I work from home one hundred percent of the time. I technically have two home-based businesses. I work as a piano teacher for about 30 hours a week. This is hard labor because I work harder than the children at times! The great part of this, however is that I get paid tuition by the month, regardless of whether the children show up or not! I have the benefit of a salaried pay structure, even though it is my own business. I also get about 5 weeks of vacation and 4 day per week summers. Overall, this is a pretty good deal and I am certainly not complaining!

I also work in internet marketing. I call myself an experienced newbie because I spend several hours a day learning about this very exciting field! I sell two different wealth generating programs as well as various affiliate programs. I am having so much fun learning, and I feel like my learning curve is huge at this time! I am excited, challenged, and highly motivated in what I am doing. I will not say that I do not get frustrated at times, because I do. This is a tough business! Overall, I do love to work at home and I make a pretty nice living doing so! I try to get to the gym and go outside of the house to meet people so I do not get too lonely. I do not believe that I could ever work for anyone else again!

Finding Balance In My Life After Starting Home-Based Business

I am really trying hard to keep balance in my life with my new home-based internet marketing business. It has been hard, because I am also teaching piano full-time from my home! Having over 60 students(half-hoursessions), it becomes hard to fit in everything that I need to do in a 24 hour period.I am finding myself driven to work in my online business for several hours a day when I am not teaching. It seems as though posting on Craigs List is MUCH more important than doing the wash, vacuuming, or taking my dog Bella out for a long walk.

Having a successful online business takes work,drive,desire,motivation, and most of all, it takes time. I do think, however, that if our lives go out of balance because of the all-consuming home-based business, that we will run into problems. It has been a month now since starting my online business and my life is still out of balance. I have not been excercising, my eating is poor, and things that are normally a priority for me have been put on the back burner. I decided this evening that I will find a return to balance in my life starting tomorrow. ***

by Michelle Tukachinsky
MT Marketing http://www.homebasedbusiness-mt.com
http://www.mtmarketing.biz http://www.home-basedmoney.com

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Peluang Usaha Kursus Setir Mobil

Peluang Usaha Kursus Setir Mobil
Saat liburan sekolah banyak orang mengambil kursus mengendarai mobil. Memiliki kendaraan pribadi tentu memberikan kebanggaan dan kenyamanan tersendiri. Tidak mengherankan jika pada akhirnya permintaan pada berbagai jenis mobil, baik baru maupun bekas, meningkat. Bisnis ini ternyata tidak hanya menguntungkan para pengusaha otomotif. Bagi para pemilik kursus setir mobil, peluang usaha yang menggiurkan pun menganga.

Ipung Ahmadi adalah salah satu yang melirik bidang usaha ini. Kursus setir mobil Eka Jaya, milik keluarganya, berdiri pada 1998. Saat ini tempat kursusnya berada di dua lokasi, yaitu Pamulang dan Cirendeu, Tangerang. Eka Jaya dilengkapi dengan dua mobil untuk latihan. Kursus yang diberikan berupa 80 persen praktik, dan sisanya berupa teori. Jam kursus berlangsung pada pukul 08.00 hingga pukul 17.00 setiap hari, masing-masing selama sekitar 30 menit.

Kursus ditawarkan dalam dua paket, A dan B. Untuk paket A dikenai uang pendaftaran sekitar Rp 10 ribu dan biaya kursus untuk 14 kali pertemuan sebesar Rp 190 ribu. Praktik berupa 12 kali praktik di jalan raya dan dua kali praktik di lahan parkir atau tanjakan. Paket B yang menawarkan 10 kali praktik berupa delapan kali praktik di jalan raya dan dua kali di lahan parkir atau tanjakan. Untuk paket ini para siswa diminta membayar biaya kursus sebesar Rp 160 ribu.

Biaya belajar tersebut dapat dicicil sesuai dengan ketentuan, yaitu pembayaran pertama sebesar Rp 120 ribu. Setelah pembayaran tersebut, siswa boleh langsung belajar dan sisanya dibayar setelah lima kali praktik. Eka Jaya juga menyediakan pelajaran tanpa paket. Para siswa dapat belajar setir mobil selama 30 menit saja dengan biaya sekitar Rp 20 ribu dan biaya belajar selama satu jam praktik sebesar Rp 40 ribu.

Usai mengikuti kursus, siswa segera memperoleh Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM). Biaya pembuatan SIM A dan C sebesar Rp 335 ribu. Bila KTP pemohon di luar DKI Jaya ada biaya tambahan sebesar Rp 15 ribu. Setiap bulan Eka Jaya rata-rata menerima sekitar 20-25 orang. Tapi, bila tengah ramai, jumlah siswa pun melonjak hingga mencapai setidaknya 25-30 orang.

Seluruh siswa yang umumnya berasal dari kawasan Pamulang, Depok, Bintaro, hingga Fatmawati, Jakarta, ditangani oleh dua orang instruktur. Para siswa itu belajar secara bersama-sama. Untuk satu shift, seorang instruktur akan mengajar sekitar 4-5 orang.

Pada akhir tahun ini, Ipung mengaku tempat kursusnya agak sepi peminat. ''Kesulitannya terutama saat harus mencari konsumen. Apalagi, kursus setir mobil bukan merupakan kebutuhan pokok dan biasanya berasal dari kalangan menengah ke atas,'' kata Ipung. Untuk menyiasati hal tersebut, pihaknya rajin menyebar brosur ke rumah-rumah. Bahkan, bagi yang tidak sempat mampir sejenak ke kantor, tersedia pula fasilitas antar jemput.

Ia sendiri tak tahu secara pasti modal yang dikeluarkan karena mengaku hanya meneruskan usaha milik keluarga. Namun, Ipung memperkirakan omzet yang diraih kurang dari Rp 5 juta. Untuk mengembangkan usaha, ia mengaku akan melihat dulu situasi yang ada.

Sesuai shift
Sri Hayati, karyawan kursus setir mobil Persemija di Jl Cirendeu Raya, Tangerang, menyebutkan, siswa di tempatnya tercatat sekitar 29 orang. Mereka mengikuti kursus yang diselenggarakan setiap Senin atau Kamis.

Biaya kursus diberikan sesuai dengan shift yang diinginkan. Untuk kursus selama delapan hari dipungut biaya sekitar Rp 260 ribu, 12 hari sekitar Rp 320 ribu, dan 16 hari mencapai Rp 400 ribu. Biaya tersebut dapat dicicil sebanyak dua kali dan ada keringanan lewat potongan harga. Namun, Sri tidak merinci besarnya diskon tersebut. Di tempat kursus ini ada sebuah mobil dan seorang instruktur. Rata-rata siswa mencapai 20 orang tiap bulan yang berasal dari kawasan sekitar tempat kursus. Sekitar Oktober hingga Desember, Sri mengaku jumlah siswa agak menyusut. ''Biasanya siswa akan ramai lagi saat liburan sekolah,'' tandasnya.

Mey Wulandari, pemilik kursus setir mobil Pesona Jaya, menilai, dari segi bisnis usaha ini cukup lumayan. Usaha kursus mengendarai mobil yang didirikan pada 1997 itu kini berkembang di sejumlah lokasi. Seperti di Jl Margonda Raya dan Jl Nusantara, Depok, dan cabang yang berdiri di kawasan Cinere, Jakarta. Yang terbesar, kata Mey, adalah cabang yang bertempat di Margonda Raya, Depok. Setidaknya dalam satu bulan ada sekitar 100 siswa yang berniat belajar mengendarai mobil. ''Kalau liburan jumlahnya bisa meningkat hingga tiga kali lipat,'' tandasnya.

Metode pelajaran kursus tidak jauh berbeda dengan tempat lain. Para siswa hanya diberikan sekitar 10 menit segala macam teori mengemudi. Setelah itu, mereka akan dibiarkan untuk langsung mempraktikkan. ''Rugi memang kalau hanya teori,'' papar Mey.

Waktu kursus dimulai sejak pukul 06.00 hingga pukul 20.00. Setiap siswa diberikan satu mobil. Mereka pun dipersilakan memilih sendiri jam dan hari yang diinginkan. Bahkan, bila ada yang berminat menambah jam belajar, pihak Pesona Jaya membuka kelas privat.

Paket yang ditawarkan tergantung dari banyaknya pertemuan. Ada paket lima kali pertemuan yang dipungut biaya sekitar Rp 175 ribu, paket delapan kali sekitar Rp 250 ribu, 10 kali dipungut biaya Rp 300 ribu, 12 kali dikenakan Rp 350 ribu, dan 14 kali sebesar Rp 400 ribu. ''Biaya pendaftaran sebesar Rp 10 ribu dan biaya kursus boleh dicicil dua kali,'' kata Mey. Para siswa Pesona Jaya lebih banyak perorangan yang berasal dari berbagai kawasan seperti Depok, Bogor, Parung, dan Jakarta. Sedangkan armada kendaraan yang mereka miliki setidaknya ada tiga unit mobil yang dapat dimobilisasi untuk menangani dua cabang.

Untuk mengelola kursus, Pesona Jaya memiliki sekitar 10-12 orang tenaga pengajar dan karyawan. ''Tetapi, sebagian besar mereka tidak bekerja secara penuh di sini. Khusus untuk instruktur, kami tentunya memilih yang sudah berpengalaman,'' kata Mey. Saat memulai usaha, Mey mengaku harus mengeluarkan sejumlah dana untuk menyewa tempat, memiliki izin, dan membeli mobil. ''Di luar mobil, biaya yang harus kami keluarkan sekitar Rp 10 juta,'' paparnya.

Saat ini mereka telah menikmati hasil kerja kerasnya. Omzet yang mereka peroleh berkisar Rp 15 juta hingga Rp 40 juta. Sedangkan laba bersih setidaknya mencapai Rp 25 juta jika peserta kursus tengah membludak. Bahkan titik break even point (BEP) telah dicapai dalam waktu tiga tahun. ***

source: Artikel Republika


The Hole In THe Reverse Funnel System Found!

It was quite by accident I found the hole. Creators Ty Coughlin and Don Granville are aware, but what are they doing about it remains to be seen. If you are reading this article it’s because you have been researching Global Resorts Network's newest marketing system founded by Ty Coughlin. And that’s how I found the Hole! I have been a Platinum Member for a few months now as well as using the GRN BizBuilder system. About 6 weeks ago, I noticed in BizBuilder a subscription form for the Reverse Funnel System, but there was no information about what it was. So, I sent a support request asking the question.

I received no response. Then, I “Googled” it. The first link I came across went directly to the Ty’s Splash Page. I signed in, went through to the order page and decided “I didn’t need another business opportunity”. I currently market 6 online businesses. I believe Global Resorts Network is the best valued product for your money on the internet today. Then last week I was in my back office of GRN and was going through some of the recent post from members. One post led me to the WAHM.com message board.

There I found a thread about the Reverse Funnel System. I read with a skeptics’ eye and was just amazed at the claims that were being made. Conversions at 35%? Prospects just going straight thru the system and joining without so much as a single phone call or email? At The Platinum Level??? Unbelievable! The philosophy between LMG and RFS is the same. We believe this is a paradigm shift in the industry. You can understand why I would be so attracted to the RFS. However, I haven't able to get people to join at ANY level, let alone the Platinum Level of GRN without having to talk to them. I worked hard for my downline. I had a little trouble swallowing that this New Marketing System was really able to accomplish that.

But I went back to Google and did my due diligence. Everybody said the same thing about this system. People were joining left and right. No calls, no emails. It truly appeared to be the first automated system. I still wasn’t ready to jump. I needed to think. I needed to know more. It just sounded to good to be true. The next day, on a different mission, I was on the phone with my lead company for GRN because the link to order the leads had mysteriously disappeared. I asked the question, “What happened to the link?” The response was: “Julie, you haven’t heard?! Ever since this Reverse Funnel System hit we have been flooded! This thing is unbelievable.

I never have seen anything like it! I had to take down the link for a couple of weeks to catch up. I don’t want my customers having to wait more than 10 days for their order to begin.” Well, needles to say, I was amazed. I asked him if he could take the time to explain this system to me as he understood it. He went on for the next 20 minutes or so and the excitement and passion that came from him was infectious about this system. He even went so far as to state that Guru’s like Dani Johnson were going to be dinosaurs because of this system.

Mind you, I had just returned from Dani Johnson’s 1st Steps To Success seminar in August in Atlanta, Georgia and am booked for her Creating A Dynasty seminar in early December in LA. To me, that was a pretty powerful statement. When someone truly believes in something they can’t hide it when talking about it. His closing sentence to me was: “just get in and drive traffic to that site any way you can”. About now, you are probably wondering about “I thought this article was about a hole In the system.” She sounds like she promoting it." Bear with me. I am getting there. So now I was ready to jump. But how? I already belonged to GRN.

I remembered the link in my GRN Biz Builder system. I went back, clicked: activate my subscription, and paid my $299.00 (actually it was only $265.00 as your biz builder subscription is included in the $299.00 and I had already paid that for the month.) Bingo! My system added the RFS website pages and flipped to the RFS system. Cool, I was in! This all happened late night Thursday September 6, 2007. But herein lies the hole. I checked my email. I was expecting a welcome letter…a Here’s the next step letter… Here’s the information to our Co-op advertising. Something????? Nothing. Hmm... Strange. Ok, I thought; let me start driving some traffic at least. I’ll probably hear something soon. And they have training calls I am sure to find out more then. I have been in this business long enough to know, it is all about driving traffic to your site.

Friday and Saturday, I sent my new RFS url to my current opt-in list, to as many free sites as I could think of such as Classifieds and FFAnet sites, Traffic Swarm & Traffic Surge. I also set up some banner ads and a solo ad that won’t start until later this week. Sunday, I started a Google PPC campaign. I am not a big fan of PPC as it can make you go broke really quick, but since my lead source wouldn’t be available until next week, I wanted to do something right away. I personally do a lot a free classified advertising. I typically get 1 opt-in a day. I got 8 in less than 8 hours! Within 48 hours and less than $12.00 spent in PPC, my conversion rate from unique hits to leads was 38%. This is unheard of in the industry.

By now it was late Saturday and I realized that no welcome email was forthcoming. There was a glitch. I did some research, made some phone calls and came to the conclusion I have no upline for RFS. Therefore, I have no access to the Co-Op Advertising or Ad Packs or any advice from a mentor on what has worked for them with this system. It appears Ty Coughlin and Don the creator are aware of this "hole” for those of us that already belong to GRN and GRN BizBuilder prior to RFS. I don’t know if there is a resolution. At the time of writing of this article, in a message from Ty, he has turned this over to Don the creator, to deal with. I am currently waiting for my contact to hear back from Don. He was sent an email message last night.

Monday night was also the first night I was able to attend a live training call for new members that Ty and Don host. I was hoping to pick up some more information; unfortunately the conference call went down within moments of Ty coming onto the line to begin the call. Next call is tonight. In the meantime, the leads keeping coming in and my conversion rate is still at 38% and above! Stay tuned and I will write a follow up to this in a few days. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at 215-393-9378 ***

by Julie Booz
About the Author Julie Booz's extensive background primarily includes sales & marketing. Honored by Strathmore's Who's Who, Acceptance Is Limited To Individuals Who Have Demonstrated Leadership & Achievement In Their Occupation, Industry Or Profession. Booz is a Microsoft Certified Professional and sells franchises of home-based businesses and offers strong leadership & marketing skills to her team. http://www.growrichlifestyles.com http://www.JHBLifestyles.com.com

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Buku Bisnis Marak Saja

Buku Bisnis Marak Saja
Ada seseorang yang ingin pandai berenang setelah melihat temannya asyik bermain-main di kolam renang. Ia lalu memutuskan belajar berenang. Tapi, saat ingin mencoba, ia mulai ragu. Ia membayangkan apa yang akan terjadi jika menceburkan diri ke dalam kolam. Boleh jadi, ia mungkin akan tenggelam.

Tapi, jika ia tidak mau mencobanya, dapat dipastikan, sampai kapanpun ia tidak akan bisa berenang. Apabila ia memutuskan untuk mencebur ke kolam, menghadapi segala rintangan yang mungkin menghadang, ia sebetulnya telah melakukan langkah kecil untuk mencapai hasil yang besar seumur hidup. Ia telah mencoba bisa berenang. Di sinilah pentingnya perencanaan sebelum memulai, memperhitungkan risiko yang mungkin akan dialami ketika belajar berenang. Langkah seperti itu pula yang perlu dilakukan saat menjalankan bisnis untuk pertama kalinya.

Seperti berbisnis, bila seseorang sudah pandai berenang, merasakan nikmatnya mengambang di air akan membuat ia makin tertarik untuk masuk dan masuk lagi ke dalam air. Bahkan, ketika betul-betul sudah mahir berenang, bisa jadi akan ketagihan. Analogi di atas dipaparkan Safir Senduk untuk menggambarkan bagaimana seseorang memulai usaha dalam bukunya, Buka Usaha Nggak Kaya? Percuma!

Safir - dalam buku itu memaparkan lima kiat praktis mengelola penghasilan sebagai pengusaha. Pertama, pisahkan keuangan usaha dengan keuangan pribadi. Kedua, kendalikan pemasukan dan pengeluaran. Ketiga, proteksi, proteksi, proteksi. Keempat, miliki investasi selain usaha. Dan, kelima, lakukan analisis ketika ingin membuka usaha baru. Saat ini, buku-buku yang berisi ajakan untuk menjadi interpreneur seperti di atas kian marak saja. Cobalah jalan-jalan ke toko-toko buku. Beragam buku tuntunan praktis menjadi pebisnis menghiasi etalase toko buku.

Sudut pandang buku-buku itu pun bervariasi. Dari kiat berbisnis di rumah, langkah-langkah memulai bisnis dari nol, usaha sampingan yang menguntungkan, sampai kiat-kiat praktis mengelola penghasilan sebagai pengusaha. Buku-buku tersebut ditulis oleh orang-orang yang berbeda. Ada karya pengajar di perguruan tinggi, ada yang berangkat dari kesenangannya menulis, ada pula yang ditulis oleh perencana keuangan.

Latar belakang pendidikan mereka pun tidak semata dari ilmu ekonomi, tapi ada juga praktisi dan penulis. Bambang Suharno, misalnya. Menulis buku, Memulai Bisnis dari Nol. Bambang adalah seorang insinyur lulusan Fakultas Peternakan Universitas Sudirman. Dia mengaku hobi menulis sejak mahasiswa dan pernah menjadi reporter Koran Berita Nasional.

Seperti juga Bambang, Ajen Dianawati yang menulis buku 20 Usaha Sampingan Paling Menguntungkan, berangkat dari kegemarannya dalam tulis menulis. Pada pengantar bukunya, dia menulis, ''20 peluang usaha yang tersedia dalam buku ini terbukti telah mengantar banyak orang meraih sukses dalam membangun ekonomi rumah tangga. Buku ini menuntun Anda mencari dan menemukan peluang usaha di sekitar Anda dari jenis usaha, cara mengelolanya, besaran modal, hingga perkiraan profit yang dapat Anda raih.''

Netti Tinaprilla MMA, yang menulis buku Jadi Kaya dengan Berbisnis di Rumah berangkat dari dunia kampus. Dia seorang dosen pada Departemen Agribisnis, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Manajemen Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB). Kini ia sedang menyelesaikan program doktor (PhD) di Departemen Bisnis Administration National Cheng Khung University, Taiwan. Berbeda dengan Bambang dan Netti, Safir Senduk yang menulus buku, Buka Usaha Nggak Kaya? Percuma! adalah seorang perencana keuangan. Selain mendirikan biro perencanaan keuangan dan memberikan edukasi tentang perencanaan keuangan kepada masyarakat, Safir juga banyak memberikan pelatihan dengan berbagai macam topik yang materinya mudah dipraktikkan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Semangat dan Cita-cita Bambang Suharno dalam pengantar bukunya menekankan pentingnya memiliki semangat dan cita-cita yang kuat untuk memulai menceburkan diri ke dalam dunia usaha. Dia menulis, ''Dalam dunia bisnis, keahlian bisa dibeli. Jika Anda tidak ahli mengelola keuangan, sedangkan penjualan terus berkembang, Anda bisa merekrut tenaga keuangan yang pintar. Hal yang tidak bisa dibeli adalah semangat dan cita-cita yang kuat untuk memulai dan mengembangkan usaha.''

Semangat dan cita-cita saja, tentu tidaklah cukup. Seperti diuraikan Safir Senduk, umumnya ada tiga sebab yang membuat orang yang punya usaha sendiri tidak jadi kaya. Pertama, boros. Kedua, terlalu banyak keperluan pribadi yang mendesak. Dan, ketiga, uangnya tidak diputar. Lalu, bagaimana memulai sebuah usaha? Ajen Dianawati punya saran. Dalam pengantar bukunya dia memberi petunjuk, ''Mulailah memperhatikan keadaan di sekeliling Anda. Karena kalau Anda jeli, peluang usaha itu ada di mana-mana. Anda bisa memperhatikan dan mencari peluang usaha tersebut dari yang paling dekat dulu, di lingkungan tempat tinggal Anda, misalnya. Jika rumah Anda berada di sekitar kampus atau sekolah, di sini Anda bisa membuka rumah kost, warung, jasa laundry, warnet, dan banyak lagi.''

Nah, bila Anda ingin memulai sebuah usaha, sangat mungkin tidak terlalu sulit lagi. Buku-buku panduan untuk itu kini sudah bertebaran di toko-toko buku.***

source: artikel Republika
by burhanuddin bella


Belief vs. Faith

I grew up in fairly strict Catholic household. We never missed church, always went to Mass on all holidays and I was always being dragged off to confession at least once a month. Oh, how I hated going to confession! Seems I was always repeating the same sins and was always so embarrassed. In fact looking back, I now understand that it was my embarrassment of going to confession that led to my separation from the church for so many years. Coupled with the fact that none of my friends were catholic, and those I did know I just never fit in with them and tended to hang out with all of the so called "bad" kids.

Religion was something we practiced on Sundays and Holidays and that was it. Actually back then it seemed like all of my siblings and my father just went because my mother made us. By time I was 15 I was spouting to my folks that I didn't believe in confession and flat out refused to go. I had moved out by time I was 17 and became a holiday church goer. I got married had my first child and went through all of the practices of my faith because that’s all I knew. Still, I only went to church most times on the holidays. My upbringing just wouldn't let me break completely away.

Besides that in my mid 20's I had come to the realization that I did believe in being catholic but I just had some issues with the aspects that didn't fit in with my life. Still, No one around me ever spoke about their faith, I never gave it much thought unless it was a holiday and in fact if anyone did dare to speak out about their faith they were classified as "weird," bible thumpers and what not. Eventually 2 divorces later, none of which was in Catholic Church I finally found myself on the "outs" with the church. To my mother’s despair to say the least. But, I still believed. In fact my oldest son went to catholic school through his sophomore year in high school and my youngest I started in catholic school but because of some learning disabilities moved him into the public school system. A decision I now regret!

By now, I was 6 years into my 3rd relationship, both of us had been spouting we were never getting married, but would just live together. However, there was this tug in my heart that wanted to get married again and I wanted done "right" this time. I tried many times over the years to get myself to practice my faith but time and time again just found it to interfere with my life and in fact just kept finding going to church boring. There finally came a time when I "needed" confession. In fact, it truly was a physical need. I was quite dumbfounded by the strong physical pull I felt. But it didn't stay with me. On 9/11 again a true physical pull to be in the fold. Again, it only lasted about 2 months and again, I was bored and just could keep up the practice.

Still, I wanted to make things right in my life and after 13 years of living with my boyfriend I found a way and we did finally get married and with the blessing of the church. But once again, I was still missing something. I still didn't go to church, nor did I want to go to church. How sad. When I went, I was dragging myself, looking at the clock, waiting for the hour to drag by. In the late spring/early summer of 2007 I got involved in selling home-based business. It didn't take me very long to started picking up that most of the leaders in this industry contributed most of their success to a belief in their God. I kept hearing references on a daily basis, to prayer, thankfulness, and blessings.

At 42 years old and though many jobs and different ways of life, I had never heard so much references o peoples personal beliefs on a DAILY basis. Christian leads? I am embarrassed to admit I didn't even know what that meant at first. Conversation's with prospects often brought up the Lord's name in one way or another. It really set me to thinking. Then one day, I was recommended to the Dani Johnson website as a place to order a fantastic script book. There was a lot more on her website than just a script book. I started to listen to some of her training audios. It took me less than 1 week to realize that I wanted to meet this woman.

There was an undeniable pull that I was going to learn what it takes to succeed in this business of selling home-based businesses. I booked her seminar and our flights for my husband and I without knowing how I was going to convince my husband to go. I just knew I had to be there and somehow I would get him there. This was late June of '07. Her seminar was in late August. I ordered her "Live in North Carolina" audio tapes and really started to plug into Dani Johnson. The more I listened the more I knew Dani was going to teach me the ins and outs of this business. In 2 days Dani Johnson changed my life forever.

Throughout her entire seminar all I could think of is that I wanted her conviction. Her absolute belief in everything she did and WHY she did it. Her WHY was so huge it encompassed her entire life. Not just certain aspects of it. I wanted that. I needed that. Why was it so elusive to me? It was only at the absolute end that I knew the answer to that question. Dani didn't reveal it. Her husband Hans did. In a closing statement to the entire audience Hans made a statement that was like a ton of bricks hitting me in the head. "Just because one believes does not mean one has faith". Talk about an eye opener. Faith. Yes, I believe in my religion, but I had no faith. In my thoughts throughout the seminar, I kept thinking I wanted Dani's convictions. One must have faith to have conviction. Today, nearly 4 months after that seminar I have not missed but one Mass. M

ore importantly, I actually enjoy Mass. It is important to me to go to church. Not just my mother’s desire and wants for me. Every day, I find myself in conversations with my prospects and team members about faith, beliefs in my quest for faith. What I still find so absolutely amazing is how many people in this industry are not afraid to speak about their faith. In fact is is so prevalent in everything they do. Is it just in this particular industry? Or is it the Law of Attraction? Am I just attracting these people in my life? Is it God's way of bringing me back into the fold? I have grown up fighting the feeling of not fitting in. It has been a part of me as long as I can remember all the way back to grade school. I so wanted to belong, somewhere.

At this point in my life I know that it most people’s standards I am different. I still don't know why but for the most part I am comfortable with who I am. I just seem to think differently than most. But I know enough about myself that at times I still want to fit in. It is hard to always be classified as different. There was a reason I was so drawn to Dani Johnson, there is a reason that suddenly I am surrounded by people of faith. It is my first step (I won't say leap) into faith. I will follow this path to see where it leads.

I still find it uncomfortable at times to speak about my beliefs in front of some people but it gets easier and more comfortable every day. I know I have a long way to go down this path. I have no idea where it will lead and sometimes it’s scary. But it is not as scary as it once was. Even just a little bit of faith with your beliefs will carry one a long way. 215-393-9378

by Julie Booz
About the Author Julie Booz's extensive background primarily includes sales & marketing. Honored by Strathmore's Who's Who, Acceptance Is Limited To Individuals Who Have Demonstrated Leadership & Achievement In Their Occupation, Industry Or Profession. Booz is a Microsoft Certified Professional and sells franchises of home-based businesses and offers strong leadership & marketing skills to her team. http://www.growrichlifestyles.com http://www.JHBLifestyles.com.com

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