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Kenaikan Harga Membuat Bisnis Ban Anjlok

Kenaikan Harga Membuat Bisnis Ban Anjlok
Kenaikan harga bahan bakar minyak (BBM) Oktober 2005 telah memicu kenaikan harga sejumlah kebutuhan pokok. Kenaikan harga itu juga berakibat pada tingginya harga bahan baku. Akibatnya, banyak industri yang dengan terpaksa harus menurunkan kapasitas produksinya, guna menyiasati biaya produksi yang terus melonjak.

Kenaikan harga BBM itu, dampaknya terus dirasakan hingga kini. Salah satu sektor yang paling terpengaruh adalah industri otomotif. Di sektor ini, penjualan kendaraan bermotor (mobil dan motor) mengalami penurunan yang cukup signifikan, yakni antara 40-50 persen dibandingkan dengan periode yang sama tahun lalu.

Di bidang otomotif, salah satu subsektor yang turut merasakan dampak kenaikan harga BBM adalah industri ban. Tahun 2004, total produksi ban (mobil dan motor) di Indonesia mencapai 54,2 juta unit, meningkat dibanding 2003 yang hanya 47,5 juta unit. Tahun 2005, total produksi ban nasional mengalami peningkatan sekitar 12,9 persen mencapai 61,2 juta unit.

Peningkatan sebesar ini disebabkan penjualan kendaraan bermotor (mobil) yang mencapai 533.000 unit dan sepeda motor sebesar 5,1 juta unit. Demikian pula dengan volume ekspor ban nasional yang terus tumbuh setiap tahunnya sejak 1999. Tahun lalu, ekspor ban mencapai 28 juta unit lebih. Namun, memasuki 2006, volume penjualan ban nasional mengalami penurunan. ''Penurunannya mencapai 40 persen,'' kata Dodi Trenggono, asisten Pemasaran, Pasifik Jaya Ban, kepada Republika.

Penurunan ini disebabkan kenaikan harga BBM yang memicu naiknya harga bahan baku ban yakni karet alam menjadi 2,6 dolar AS per kilogram. ''Padahal akhir tahun lalu, harga karet alam hanya sekitar 0,45 sen dolar per kilogram dan mulai bergerak naik pada awal tahun menjadi sekitar 1,5 dolar per kilogram. Pada saat ini, harga karet alam sudah mencapai 2,6 dolar per kilogram,'' kata Ketua Umum Asosiasi Produsen Ban Indonesia (APBI), Aziz Pane, pekan lalu di Jakarta.

Kenaikan harga bahan baku karet alam ini menyebabkan harga ban juga naik. ''Harga ban naik, sedangkan daya beli masyarakat makin berkurang, akibatnya volume penjualan kendaraan bermotor pun turun,'' tambah Dodi. Tahun 2005, volume penjualan ban mencapai 40.889.589 unit, naik dibanding tahun 2004 yang mencapai 35.343.973 unit. Peningkatan penjualan ban tersebut sangat dipengaruhi oleh peningkatan ekspor yang terjadi sepanjang tahun 2005.

Penjualan untuk kategori Original Equiment (OE, dibeli oleh Agen Tunggal Pemegang Merek), pada 2005 mencapai 2.833.642 unit, melonjak hingga 20,7 persen dibandingkan tahun 2004 yang mencapai 2.348.564 unit. Dan penjualan untuk kategori replacement mencapai 10.040.396 unit atau naik 8,2 persen dibandingkan tahun 2004 yang mencapai 9.283.334 unit. Sementara ekspor mencapai 28.015.551 unit, meningkat 18,1 persen dibandingkan tahun 2004 yang mencapai 23.712.075 unit.

Dari volume produksi, untuk ban mobil, produksi terbesarnya masih didominasi jenis mobil penumpang. Berikutnya jenis ban untuk truk ultra-ringan, truk ringan, lalu ban bus/truk dan ban untuk off road. Demikian juga dengan volume penjualan. Ban untuk mobil penumpang menempati peringkat teratas dengan pangsa pasar mencapai 44,8 persen atau sebanyak 24,3 juta unit, disusul ban untuk sepeda motor sebesar 34,4 persen dengan volume penjualan 18,7 juta unit. Berikutnya ditempati ban untuk truk ultraringan, truk ringan, bus/truk dan jenis ban off road.

Dilihat dari sisi pelakunya, pada 2004, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk masih mendominasi dengan volume penjualan 13,9 juta unit. Pesaing terdekatnya adalah PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia dengan volume penjualan 4,6 juta unit, lalu PT Sumi Rubber Indonesia, PT Industri Karet Deli, dan Mega Safe Tyre Industry.

Pasar ekspor
Melihat kondisi pasar dalam negeri yang belum stabil, produsen ban mengalihkan dan meningkatkan pasarnya ke luar negeri (ekspor). Tahun 2005, volume ekspor ban nasional mencapai 28 juta unit lebih. ''Pengalihan penjualan ke pasar ekspor itu bagus dan merupakan pilihan agar industri ban tetap hidup. Apalagi, pasar ekspor masih sangat luas,'' jelas Ketua Komite Tetap Pengembangan dan Pemasaran Produk, KADIN, Thomas Darmawan yang juga Ketua Umum Gabungan Asosiasi Produsen Makanan dan Minuman Seluruh Indonesia (GAPMMI).

Azis Pane menjelaskan, dengan kenaikan harga ban di dalam negeri --(tahun ini naik antara 7-10 persen)-- maka untuk mempertahankan pasar, produsen ban berupaya mengalihkan pasr ke luar negeri. ''Sejak BBM naik, penjualan ban dalam negeri terus anjlok hingga awal tahun ini. Oleh karena itu kami alihkan sebagian produk untuk ekspor, sehingga tidak mempengaruhi kinerja industri ban nasional,'' jelasnya.

Dari total produksi ban nasional, sebanyak 82 persen dipasok ke pasar ekspor, dan sisanya 18 persen di pasok ke dalam negeri. Ekspor tersebut, sebanyak 77,5 persen dikuasai ban untuk mobil penumpang, disusul ban mobil truk ultraringan, ringan dan bus.

Aziz menjelaskan, penjualan untuk ekspor makin besar sejak lesunya pasar ban dalam negeri akibat kenaikan BBM tahun lalu. Penjualan dalam negeri pada tahun 2005 sebesar 11 juta dolar AS dan tahun 2006 diperkirakan 12 juta dolar AS. Sedangkan nilai ekspor 2005 mencapai 520 juta dolar AS dan 2006 diperkirakan 640 juta dolar AS. Aziz menambahkan, selain dilempar ke pasar after market, produksi ban nasional juga di pasok ke pasar OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) yaitu kalangan industri otomotif. ***

source: artikel Republika


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5 Tips for Over-worked, Over-pressured Small Business Owners

" 5 Tips for Overworked, Over-Pressure Small Business Owners"

1. Get your Top Business Goals in writing. Have them in order of importance and jot down ideas on how to get them done more effectively.

Stop and have a think about why you are in business. Ask yourself the following questions? What is the purpose of my business? What service and/or products do I offer and what is my edge over my competitors? What value will I give my clients? Who are my Clients and How do I attract them to my business? How will clients and prospects get a hold of me?

Once you have answered most of these questions, You'll be able to pinpoint what needs to get done. To get off to a good start you must get organized. Yes, this seems easier said than done but technology allows us to make this a simpler process. We suggest using a Customer Relationship Manager or a CRM to get you off and running. There are tons of CRM programs in the market you can chose from. SUGAR CRM seems to fit the bill and it's free. This will allow you to track your leads, track your clients, as well as organize your calendar and schedules. It also includes an email marketing feature that would make sending out emails to prospects just a click away. Getting organized will help you get your business running smoothly and ready to be mobile.

2. Learn how to run your Small Business from virtually anywhere.

In the past, visiting a business meant walking into a building. Today, it's can be done without having to get out of your pajamas. People want information and answers as soon as they can think of it and sometimes faster. The Internet has become todays information source and is widely used all over the globe. Getting your business on the Internet would mean getting your business available to the world 24 hours a day, everyday. More importantly, your local clients will be able to get a hold of you from anywhere and anytime. Having web presence is like having a Customer Service Agent working for you around the clock. Also, the flexibility of this virtual office means being able to change it or update it whenever you see fit. Just how others can access your business anytime and anywhere, you too can operate your virtual office from anywhere. Aside from your website, you may also start looking into Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Internet Chat to communicate with your contacts. With the growth of SPAM emails, speaking to people have been getting more relevant in building relationships in business today.

3. Build relationships with everyone you deal with in your business. This includes vendors, clients, staff and yes even your friends. They might be able to lend you a hand in something.

With a reliable and well organized CRM System, an integrated web presence, VOIP and Internet Chat avenue, building relationships will be a breeze. Studies have shown that most business deals are offspring of word of mouth. Building a solid business relationship with everyone in your address book will greatly increase your chances of being referred by them to their contacts. Networking with your contacts and some new people with common interests is a great start in getting your business some exposure. Try getting a profile in business networking sites such as Ecademy, LinkedIN and Xing.

4. How you can save some money and use your available funds properly.

Business is about keeping your cost low and profit higher. How do we put your business on a financial diet? Try to make a list of all the expenses you currently have and ask yourself if it is actually helping your business grow and moving forward. How many items in that list are "empty" calories? If it's making your expenses fat and your business weaker, then it's probably wise to cut it out. Another way to do it is to find alternatives to services or products you are currently using for your business. To cut from operational costs, you might want to use "Open Source" software, which are free, instead of costly commercialized programs that get more expensive throughout the years. Another way is to get a VOIP telephone service such as Vonage, to reduce your long distance phone bills. Are you paying full time staff for part time work? Try to assess if your labor dollars are being spent wisely. Outsourcing some administrative tasks might better fit your financial objectives better.

5. Get some HELP.

A single person cannot handle everything in an 8-hour period, sometimes not even in a few days. Many of us feel that getting everything done ourselves means getting it done right; But doing everything alone can mean not getting anything done at all. You might be an expert in your business, but there are some elements of business which does not require an expert but requires continuous monitoring. What you need for this is time. More time for work usually means less time with family, friends or activities you love to do. Are you willing to give it up? You need to get outside help for these time consuming processes. Outsourcing or Offshoring might sound expensive and unmanageable but it is actually a lot cheaper and way easier to manage since you don't have to deal with employees. Here are ways you can outsource :

1.Virtual Personal Assistant - it's the person that handles your calendar, your emails, your phone calls and everything else while you're out with a client. Since they work in your virtual office, they get you organized and sorted out on time without the hassle of personal issues. 2.Back Office/Administrative Officers - a team of staff that are assigned to fulfill tasks that require constant monitoring or repetitive type of work. These include but not limited to: data entry, generating and compilation of marketing reports, research and bookkeeping. 3.Telesales/ Customer Service Agents - you can have a team of experienced agents to do your telemarketing or sales calls for you. They can also answer questions regarding your products and or services. Setting up a system to do this in-house can be very costly. Why get bothered with starting from scratch when there are available packages for this type of service available and ready to go for only a fraction of the cost of one full time staff?

Once you get through these steps, you will immediately see the difference in your business. You will:

Have more free time with family, friends and things you love. Spend your working hours with clients and important business processes. Increased profits and reduced costs Enjoy life and remember why you went to business for yourself. ***

by Ultro Consulting Ltd
Ultro Sourcing is a leading outsourcing company with offices in the UK and Philippines providing back office outsourcing solutions, Telemarketing packages and Virtual Personal Assistants that can fit in most of the major industry sectors. To contact Ultro Consulting: Please contact: James Pitt, Director at 0845 0945 954 skype: jamespitt, or email: networking@ultro.co.uk

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