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The Frame of Revivification

The Frame of Revivification
The definition of revivification is:
1. Renewal of life; restoration of life; the act of recalling, or the state of being recalled, to life.
2. Bringing again into activity and prominence.

This exercise uses revivification as a strategy to persuade your wealthiest prospects and clients. I suggest that you read through this a few times, get some practice with a partner or friend, and then give this a try.

In order to really understand revivification, I'd first like you to remember a time when you made a big purchase--a car, a house, a piece of expensive jewelry. And as you remember that purchase, think about how you felt the moment you took ownership of the item. Remember how it felt when that freedom or luxury or piece of security became all yours. How does that feel? By revivifying this moment in your life, I've just reminded you of a groove, a path that you've already traveled, a warm, fuzzy feeling that you already know.

These persuasion strategies have been specifically tailored to easily persuade affluent prospects and clients in a way completely unique to each person. We can ditch the sales scripts on this one, eliminate sales 'tactics' and manipulation and throw out pitches because we're accessing their own good feelings about buying. In revivifying our prospects' well-tread paths and grooves, we've set the groundwork for persuasion. We can assist the process of persuading the affluent by directing our prospects to remember times they did the kind of thing we want them to do.

When we revivify a past experience, we shortcut the difficulty in getting our prospects and clients to do what we want. There's no sense in teaching a dog a new trick if the old trick can be used to get what we want. This is one of the easiest ways to persuade making our jobs really easy. Moving our prospects and clients in the direction of their fond recollections helps us to get them to repeat that movement, to think the way we want, act the way we want, and move back into that direction with us.

If you are a financial planner, for example: Have your affluent prospect think of the first time they made it to a million. What did it feel like when they became a first time millionaire? Can they envision a future when that number is multiplied by ten or twenty? How will that feel?

For real estate agents, try revivifying the concept of "home". Have your clients picture in their heads what home means. If you're getting the sense, as they think about it, that their picture isn't very positive, move it to their dream home. Part of what's important to remember is to not allow our prospects to go off down a rabbit hole, especially one filled with negativity. We need to keep them mentally on track and by maneuvering them from a potentially negative memory (which they may relate to 'home')

If we can get our affluent audience to think the way we want them to, instead of having to teach them something brand new (and especially something that's bad or difficult), well, we've already got half the battle won.

It's that simple.
Revivification is the art of getting people to remember the track so that when they do so with our message, they're already accessing a worn-in pathway. And the minute they start the pathway, people need to complete the pathway. People don't like to leave things half done. This process helps them feel complete. ***

by Kenrick Cleveland
Kenrick Cleveland teaches strategies to earn the business of affluent clients using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in persuasion strategies.
For more info: http://www.maxpersuasion.com/

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